I'm busy building sites for my clients, so
I'm still working on my own.

I put my clients first. My goal is to leave my clients feeling cared for, and to help them make their customers and clients feel cared for. Their success is my success.

To that end, I’m still working on my own digital strategy, which includes this website!

If you’d like me to help you with your digital vision, please contact me today and let me know how I can help.

Why I Do What I Do

There are tons of options for web design and digital marketing out there.

The problem is that many web designers and digital marketers don’t take the time to truly understand their clients’ businesses. They start from a template or provide the same solutions for each business.

On top of that, there are tons of free and do-it-yourself options for web design and online advertising. But most business owners don’t know where to start, and don’t have the time to research options and figure it all out themselves.

As a result, many businesses have a “cookie-cutter” online presence and aren’t represented well. Or they’re throwing money out the window because they’re not marketing as effectively as they could be.

And perhaps most importantly, they’re missing out on customers online.

Who I Am

Baker Digital Strategies exists to help small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed in the digital realm.

I believe that no two businesses are alike, and while their needs may often be the same, they may need a unique solution to their problems.

I don’t work for my clients, but with them. I seek to understand their goals and come alongside them as a trusted partner and advisor. I succeed when our clients succeed.

I’m Matthew Baker, Chief Technologist and Chief Service Officer of Baker Digital Strategies.

One of my mentors has a saying: “It’s all about the brand.” That’s true everywhere, but it’s especially true online.

Baker Digital Strategies understands that branding your business online can be overwhelming. Our goal is to cut through the confusion and guide you along the best path to online growth and success for your business.

Most of all, we want to build a business relationship on trust and treat you right.

Matthew Baker, Baker Digital Strategies

Matthew Baker
Chief Technologist / Chief Service Officer

The Process

Schedule an appointment.

I'll send you a survey prior to our meeting so I can better understand your needs and focus the discussion.

I will create a tailored plan.

Based on your survey answers and our meeting, I will provide a tailored plan to help your business stand out and reach more customers online.

We execute the plan together.

Once we agree on a strategy for your business, we'll work together to make it reality.

What is digital strategy?

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What we do

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Some of the Clients I've Had the Pleasure to Serve

Tom Basey testimonial

Tom Basey
Principal, Basey Insurance

I just received my first lead from my website this week, fed directly into my CRM (customer relationship management) system! I am so pleased with my new website! 

Matthew worked with me extensively to understand how my solutions benefit my clients and architected my site to make it work for them. We worked together on the content, the style, too. Despite there being more “experienced” collaborators available, I opted to use Matthew. I appreciated that Matthew did not dictate “what he knows is best”. He insisted on keeping the focus on the end customer.  Now, my clients can find my company, the solutions they need, and contact us very easily.

The process to develop was efficient, and even after going live, Matthew has continued to provide support. I endorse him for your next website project!

I am quite happy that I asked Matthew to build a website for me. There are so many options out there that try to convince people they can build their own. But there’s much more that goes into a website than being able to build it.

Matthew took the time to learn about my industry; he even joined a few of the Facebook groups that I was involved in to find a little bit more out about how my business operated. He took the time to make sure my website would look great and perform well on smartphones. He’s also helped me make updates as I have more content to add.

Thanks to Matthew, I now have a professional website that not only looks good, but allows people to find me on Internet searches.

Mark Delap testimonial

Mark Delap
Owner, 1400Media Real Estate Photography

Sean Antoniello testimonial

Sean Antoniello
Owner, Notable Wine Wine Tasting and Events

I would have built the website myself, but probably not done as great a job as Matthew did. Price was a big factor for me, and knowing Matthew did an amazing job building my site 100% within my budget is a testament to his character and dedication to his clients.

From working with Matthew, I found out how much is involved with building a website the right way, such as including my history and background in my industry, as well as figuring out who my ideal clients are in order to provide the perfect content for my audience as well as for SEO.

I love the placement and clarity of the buttons that really help my visitors to decide what they want to do. The website flows very well on each page with color, text, and pictures. I am very pleased with the optimization and loading speed. I also really like having my Instagram account and blog together.

I don’t know many other designers/digital marketers, but Matthew’s dedication to understanding my business as well as my needs for the website speak volumes to his commitment to excellence. He provided a product and service that far exceeded my expectations. Most of the other web designers I talked to gave me very high quotes, without taking the time to understand what I really needed for my website. Matthew helped me figure out the best way to represent my ideas, and took my input over the course of several weeks to work out the best solutions for my website.

I would absolutely recommend Matthew for web design. He did a great job on my website from the beginning to end… and even offers ongoing support. His initial questionnaire really helped guide the flow for creating content. He organized and built the website with my ideal client in mind. He took my input and worked with my questions and suggestions, and offered his own opinions and suggestions to make sure we were on the same page.

Matthew’s method of attaining information to help his clients and his overall approach to building relationships is excellent. I truly feel like Matthew was not just invested in building my website, but in building my business as well.

Let Me Help You Turn Your Digital Vision into a Strategy... And Then Reality!

Whether you know what you need or have no idea, I would love to see how I can serve you.

Contact me today and we’ll set up a meeting at a time convenient for you.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Please keep yourselves and your families warm and safe!